48" Planer Attachment

New: 48" Super Flow, Planer Avilable for S86 models

  • Cut and mill concrete and asphalt  
  • Much less expensive to maintain and more maneuverable than dedicated planers 
  • Versatile and durable, delivering high torque for maximum cutting and milling performance 
  • Easily set and maintain depth, width, and slope control  
  • Choose from four different planer models  

Superflow, at 42 gpm, 4,061 psi: is an optional system designed specifically for Bobcat ‘super-flow’ hydraulic attachments. 

Planer - Super Flow, 48"

Product Overview

  • Operating Weight — 2204 lb
  • Length — 49 in
  • Width — 68 in
  • Height — 37 in

  • Cutting Depth Max — 5 in
  • Cutting Depth Min — 0 in
  • Maximum Cutting Angle — 8°

Top Tasks:

  • Mate uneven pavement surfaces 
  • Clean up around larger miller machines 
  • Cut drainage in a parking lot 
  • Mill around manholes 
  • Taper edges on a roadway 

How It Works :

Carbide-tipped bits are mounted on a revolving drum to cut and pulverize pavement material. After material has been milled, it leaves the planer housing through a rear opening. 

Planer skis are used to adjust the angle and depth by moving the right and left ski up or down. Depth gauges are visible from the cab to provide a measurement reference of each ski depth. Bobcat planers have better visibility of the skis, so operators can easily control the path of the planer and the machine. Even on rough terrain, the planer skis maintain surface contact, resulting in a consistent cut depth. 

Compatible Models:

S86 Skid-Steer Loader

The S86 gives you unparalleled performance and lift capabilities. Despite the machine’s compact size, it offers increased reach, superior comfort and Bobcat’s signature reliability.

T86 Compact Track Loader

The T86 gives you unparalleled performance, grip and control even with the most demanding attachments thanks to the Super Flow function. Despite the machine’s compact size, it offers increased reach, superior comfort and Bobcat’s signature reliability.

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