Compact Excavator

This tough, no-nonsense compact excavator strikes an impressive balance, providing a lift capacity that’s among the best in its class size. 

  • High Lift Capacity 
  • Highly Maneuverable 
  • High Slewing Power 
  • Powerful Tier 4 Turbocharged Engine 
  • Comfortable R2-Series Cab

Get rebates up to $8,000 USD*/$10,400 CAD* or financing as low as 0% for 36 months* on a new E40 compact excavator.

E40 Overview

  • The E40 compact (mini) excavator delivers an impressive balanced design that maximizes lift capacity and gives operators great slewing performance with fast cycle times.
  • A minimal tail swing excavator with less than two inches of overhang ensures greater jobsite maneuverability and increased operator confidence in tight work areas.
  • Standard long arm optimizes reach and productivity.
  • Carefully tuned hydraulics, a durable slew bearing and a powerful engine give you a noticeable performance advantage when backfilling trenches or slewing a loaded bucket uphill.

E40 Specs & Compare

E40 Key Specifications

Operating Weight
9,180 lb
Bucket Digging Force
7,284 lbf
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
215.2 in
Tail Swing Type


Emissions Tier (EPA)
Tier 4
Engine Fuel
Maximum Governed RPM
2,400 rpm
Turbocharged Engine
Optional Turbocharged Engine


Operating Weight
9,180 lb
Weight Class
4.16 t

Travel Speed – High

3.2 mph

Travel Speed – Low

1.6 mph

Arm Digging Force

4,074 lbf

Bucket Digging Force

7,284 lbf

Rated Lift Capacity

3939 lb

Lift Radius

118 in

Boom Swing – Left


Boom Swing – Right


Maximum Dig Depth

130.4 in

Max Dump Height

146.8 in

Maximum Reach at Ground Level

215.2 in


Fuel Tank
13.7 gal

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Std Flow

16.9 gal/min

Hydraulic System

192.3 in


98.7 in


Air Conditioning


Cab Enclosure


Tail Swing Type


Rubber Track


Angle Blade


E40 Features & Benefits

Performance [14]

Leading Lift Capacity

The E40's lift capacity is among the best in its class. It delivers an over-the-blade lift capacity and over-the-side lift capacity that competitors can only achieve or come close to with conventional tail-swing models. With the E40, operators get high performance, fast cycle times and optimal maneuverability at base pricing.

High Slewing Power

With its carefully tuned hydraulics, durable slew bearing and powerful engine, the E40 gives you a noticable performance advantage when backfilling trenches or slewing a loaded bucket uphill.

Bobcat Engine

Simple & State-of-the-Art

The E40 is powered by a 40-hp, Tier 4, turbocharged Bobcat engine. Operators will notice turbo-charged performance with consistently high torque levels, regardless of elevation, plus a number of convenient features that reduce and simplify routine maintenance. It also offers excellent cold-weather operation.

Non-DPF Tier 4 Solution

The Tier 4 engine achieves emissions compliance without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalyst reduction (SCR). This means fewer components for easier maintenance, plus no work stoppage due to DPF regeneration.

Improved Fuel Filter

The large E40 fuel filter provides optimum system protection and longer filter life.  It has a large holding capacity to capture impurities for long  intervals, extending the life of the fuel filter. The filter is also easy to change. It includes a clear water bowl for easy monitoring and a sensor to notify you when draining is needed. To simplify upkeep, the display lets you know when the filter needs to be serviced.

Enhanced Hydraulics

The main valve of the E40 is finely tuned to deliver ideal performance that's matched to the boom, blade and travel motors. It's also designed for improved metering and finite movement, providing optimal controllability and fast cycle times. On every job, you can rely on exceptional performance and power that's measured in more accomplished per hour.

Large Boom Cylinder & Swing Casting

A large boom cylinder and cylinder mount on the swing casting provide extra strength for penetrating tough ground or lifting heavy loads.

Fast Cycle Integrated Lift Eye

The standard lift eye gives you a convenient method for handling objects or moving them in and out of the trench.

Standard Counterweight

The counterweight comes standard to support the E40's enhanced reach and digging-depth capabilities.

Standard Long Arm

The long arm, which comes standard, adds 12 inches of additional digging depth and reach.

High-Performance Cooling System

The cooling system, with side-by-side heat exchangers, controls operating temperatures more efficiently than ever before, improving performance and serviceability while protecting engine component life. Cleanout is easy too. There is no need to separate coolers to clean debris. It also generates less noise which enhances operator comfort.

Angle Blade

An angle blade is important for fast backfilling and grading. This option allows you to angle your backfill blade 25 degrees left or right to direct spoil from one side to the other – without forming windrows on both sides of the blade.

Durable Travel Motors

The travel motors have a more durable design for increased uptime and reliable performance.

Minimal Tail Swing

A minimal tail swing of less than 2 inches of overhang ensures easy work in tight areas or against obstacles. Easily slew and deposit soil with less repositioning or worry about inadvertent contact with surrounding objects.

In-Track Swing Frame

Bobcat compact excavators feature the exclusive in-track swing frame, which allows operators to get closer to their work. Our swing frame castings and cylinders stay within the tracks when offset digging - giving operators the ability to truly dig flush up against an obstacle and see their work in tight areas.

Simple Machine Tie-Downs

Convenient tie-down locations allow you to easily, confidently and quickly secure your machine to trailers.

Uptime Protection [3]

Dealer Network

Bobcat customers are backed by the support of a large, North American network of independent dealers who are committed to helping customers accomplish more.

Polycarbonate Top Window

The strong polycarbonate flat top window provides optimal durability that stands up to job debris and provides a clear view of the work – especially when loading high-sided trucks. It also makes the machine FOPS level 1 certified – without any additional kits.

Composite Tailgate With Steel Interior

The tailgate provides maximum durability to protect your excavator’s engine and hydraulic components. An improved fit and finish reduces noise and vibration.

Comfort [8]

R2-Series Cab

The cab offers an unbeatable operator experience. When you take the seat, you can feel the difference, and you can see refinements everywhere you look.

The tall, wide windows inside the cab have more surface area, which includes an improved top window and narrower side pillars for optimal visibility.

Operators will appreciate the spacious foot room and legroom. To maximize floor space even more, redesigned floor pedals conveniently fold away. The wide cab provides plenty of leg room a suspension seat. When working in punishing conditions, you’ll enjoy a spacious, comfortable seat and plenty of elbow room.

Optimal Glass Surface Area

The tall, wide windows on the R2-Series cab have more surface area. This includes a top window and narrower side pillars for visibility that’s never been better.

Dual-Flange Track Roller System

Dual flange track rollers increase over-the-side lift capacity and provide a ride quality that’s smoother and more comfortable. The dual-flange roller and track system noticeably improves ride quality, bringing you greater comfort while moving across jobsites.

Low-Effort Joysticks

The low-effort joysticks respond easily to operator input, enabling longer operation with less fatigue. Equipped with fingertip boom swing and auxiliary control, Bobcat joysticks provide quick, precise movement with low effort.

Standard LED Lights

At night or in dark working conditions, your productivity can still shine. Bright, efficient and reliable standard LED lights provide far-reaching visibility when the light level is low.

Boom-Mounted LED Workgroup Light

The reliable LED workgroup light is mounted under the boom for a more direct beam of light to where you're working, enhancing lumination in low light levels. The structure of the boom provides rugged protection from debris and obstacles, ensuring your lighting is ready when you need it.

Optional Keyless Start

Optional, password-protected keyless start gives you strong theft protection and eliminates lost keys.

Standard Display

An easy-to-read cab display panel provides machine interaction and monitoring as well as warning and troubleshooting information.

Serviceability [7]

New Fuel Filter

The E40 features a large fuel filter that enables better system protection and longer filter life, with more than double the media surface area. It has more holding capacity to capture impurities for longer intervals, greatly extending the life of the fuel filter. The filter is also easier to change, and it includes a clear water bowl for easy monitoring and a sensor to notify you when draining is needed. To simplify upkeep, the display lets you know when the filter needs to be serviced.

Greaseless Composite Bushings

Bushings for the base end of the boom offset cylinder require no grease, simplifying regular maintenance for your excavator.

Increased Engine Oil Service Interval

The recommended engine oil service interval has increased from 500 to 750 hours, giving you more uptime per oil change.

Integrated Tool Box & Grease Gun Holder

Make routine maintenance easier by keeping grease and essential tools at the ready.

Two-Piece Floor Mat

Easy to remove, easy to clean, the two-piece floor mat allows you to keep your cab cleaner with less effort.

Tool-Free Side Screen Removal

The side screen easily removes and securely reattaches without tools.

Easy Starter & Alternator Serviceability

The counterweight doesn’t interfere with access to engine components, allowing enhanced serviceability.

Attachment Versatility [3]

Optional Clamp Diverter Valve

With the optional clamp diverter valve, you can get enhanced hydraulic clamp functionality and improved ability to run other attachments – without disconnecting the clamp.

Wide Range of Compatible Attachments

Bobcat builds more attachments than any other excavator manufacturer. Your excavator is only as productive as the attachments it can power. Bobcat excavator owners get leading jobsite versatility and performance with a wide range of compatible attachments.

Arm-Mounted Auxiliary Hydraulics

Auxiliary hydraulics are easier to reach and attach thanks to a new location on the excavator arm.