Forestry Attachments

Get specialized solutions for rugged land clearing.

Removing trees, grinding stumps and clearing overgrown brush is tough work that requires specialized equipment designed to withstand the harshest working conditions. Bobcat offers a selection of industry-specific attachments that make the most challenging forestry work faster and easier so you can get in, get it done and get on to the next job.

Forestry Attachments Models

Bucket - Combination, 62"

Loaders & Telehandlers

This four-in-one attachment can be used as a bucket for loading, carrying and dumping; as a grapple for handling odd-shaped objects; or for dozing, leveling and spreading material with the clamshell open.

Compact Wheel Loaders

Designed to capitalize on the full capabilities of your Bobcat® compact wheel loader, this four-in-one attachment can be used as a bucket for digging, loading, carrying and dumping; as a grapple for handling odd-shaped objects; or for dozing, leveling and spreading material with an open clamshell.

Brush Saw

  • Cut away brush and clear small trees with the brush saw attachment (also known as a brush cutter)
  • Quickly and conveniently remove small trees up to 15 feet tall without leaving stumps
  • Saw off trees flush with the ground or just below the surface
  • Replaceable carbide-tipped teeth
  • Three cutting angles for leading operational visibility

Top Tasks

  • Cut firebreaks
  • Clear pastures and grasslands
  • Flatwork demolition
  • Clean road and utility line right of ways

Chipper - Standard Flow, 5A

  • Ideal for tree removal, pruning services, municipalities, parks and recreation, rentals, and personal property maintenance
  • Continuously mulches material up to 5 inches in diameter
  • Compact design can tackle tough terrain and operates anywhere a loader can travel
  • Unlike pull-type chippers, the Bobcat® chipper attachment can perform virtually anywhere

Top Tasks

  • Mulch branches, trees and other debris

Grapple - Industrial Bucket, 68"

  • Built for maximum power and reliability
  • Delivers easy handling of bulky, hard-to-manage materials in the industrial or construction setting
  • The two-arm design on larger industrial grapples provides a strong, even biting force
  • Choose from a bucket or fork bottom for maximum load capability
  • Built for day-in, day-out duty to bite off the toughest jobs

Top Tasks

  • Handle demolition rubble, building materials, recycling, salvage, or scrap materials.

Grapple, Log 56"

  • Free-hanging, 56-inch attachment with the brute force and agility to get the tough jobs done
  • Designed for mini track loaders and small articulated loaders 
  • An integrated tree pusher helps direct falling timber when clearing land
  • Heavy-duty grapple teeth stabilize logs during operation

Top Tasks

  • Clear land of fallen trees
  • Collect brush for site cleanup
  • Load heavy logs onto trailers
  • Assist in felling trees of all sizes
  • Transport logs around lumber yard

Grapple - Root, 72"

  • Built to be the biggest, baddest biter of them all, to rip into tough jobs with ease
  • Heavy-duty design provides extreme durability, especially when operating on tough jobsites
  • Ideal for land clearing, landscaping, demolition, construction, rental or buildings and grounds maintenance
  • Tear it up, bite it off, and spit it out with the root grapple

Top Tasks

  • Clear rocks, roots, brush, overgrowth and debris

Grapple - 3-Tined, Class III

  • Powerful bite designed to grip and handle bulky material
  • Three-tine design lifts and moves large and hard-to-manage materials with ease
  • Designed for applications such as land clearing, landscaping, demolition, construction, and buildings and grounds maintenance
  • Use grapple as a rake or combine with a hydraulic clamp for increased versatility

Top Tasks

  • Lift and move brush, logs, landscaping stones and other hard-to-manage materials

Grapple - Utility, 55"

  • Additional holding ability to bite down on even the loosest materials
  • Get close the bucket or fork close to fences, stall walls or other objects for maximum material moving
  • Choose from a fork and grapple, or bucket and grapple to handle a wide variety of farm and ranch jobs
  • Forged teeth provide exceptional strength with low weight

Top Tasks

  • Lift, and move loose materials such as manure, bedding, and hay
  • Grip posts, fencing and other hard-to-manage materials

Drum Mulcher - 61" (1-Speed)

  • Turn trees and underbrush from unsightly overgrowth to mulch
  • Punch into large-diameter trees and bring the uppermost limbs quickly to the ground
  • Compact size allows for any type of removal job, whether clearing every tree or selectively thinning stands
  • Super Flow available on select models

Top Tasks

  • Utility line and right-of-way maintenance
  • Site preparation
  • Clean and maintain property
  • Disaster mitigation
  • Cut firebreaks
  • Orchard and vineyard maintenance

Utility Fork - 9 Teeth, 66"

  • Handle materials easier and move them faster
  • Replaceable, tapered teeth handle a variety of farm and ranch chores easily and efficiently
  • Use the exclusive Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system to quickly secure the utility fork

Top Tasks

  • Handle bundled material, loose straw, manure, and other hard-to-grab materials 
  • For added versatility, pair the utility fork with the utility grapple. Sink into hard-to-handle materials with the bite of the utility grapple attachment. Scrape, lift, and move loose materials such as manure, bedding, and hay. Or get a grip on hard-to-grab loads such as posts and fencing.