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If you’re looking for answers to common questions about Bobcat equipment, check out our frequently asked questions section below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for personalized assistance. 

General Product Questions

If any of your Bobcat equipment is stolen, please don't hesitate to report it to your local law enforcement and Bobcat of New York or Long Island as soon as possible. We will provide necessary assistance and guide you through the process. Your equipment's serial number will be stored in the database, so if the machine is brought to any other dealer for service or sale, it can be identified as stolen and returned to you. It is also advisable to take necessary security measures to prevent theft and install anti-theft devices.

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For information on the year of manufacture of your Bobcat product, you may use the online Service Issues Form or call Customer Service at 800-743-4340.

Customer Service

Serial numbers are located in various locations on Bobcat® equipment, as shown in the Operation & Maintenance Manual. If you are unable find the serial number for your machine, contact your local Bobcat dealer for assistance.

When Bobcat Company publishes the operating weight of a machine it includes the machine with a standard bucket, full fluids (including fuel) and a standard size operator. Find this and all other specs in the product pages.

Our website lets you search our ever-changing pre-owned construction equipment and attachments fleet. Review product descriptions and photos, check prices, and please get in touch with our sales team with any questions.

Pre-Owned Bobcats

We would be happy to help you price and may even make an offer on your used Bobcat equipment. However, like anything, Bobcat equipment is best evaluated in person at one of our dealerships or by email via pictures. We invite you to contact us, and for comparison purposes, you may also look at our used equipment, as listed on our website.

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Literature, Documentation & Manuals

Fill out the online request form and indicate which products you are interested in.

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Parts, service and operation and maintenance manuals may be ordered from one of our authorized Bobcat dealerships parts department.

Contact our parts team
Order Manual

To obtain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), please contact your local Bobcat dealer.

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Pricing, Quotes, Demos

The best way to receive a custom quote from your our dealerships is to call/text us. Then one of our team members will reach out to further identify your product needs and share information you need to make a purchase decision, including available models and specs for the product category you select, machine features and compatible attachment information, optional packages and current offers.

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Parts Questions

Please contact our parts team for parts related purchases or questions.

You may also purchase a selection of Genuine Bobcat Parts and Attachments onlin.

Bobcat recommends you use Bobcat hydraulic/hydrostatic fluid because it is a unique custom blended fluid made from the finest base oils and additives to meet stringent Bobcat Engineering specifications for quality and reliability. It is the same premium fluid as factory fill.

Bobcat fluid is a special blend of quality lubricants designed to provide optimum flow at subzero temperatures, yet maintain excellent stability during periods of high temperature use. Off-the-shelf hydraulic fluids cannot duplicate the Bobcat formula, which is colored orange to distinguish its uniqueness.

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Discontinued Products

You can find original specifications and production dates on the historical specs page.

Historical Specs

With the acquisition of BOB-CAT mowers in 2019, Bobcat Company now offers a full lineup of mowers. We offer six different platform sizes of zero-turnstand-on and walk-behind mowers with a wide range of deck and engine sizes to suit your needs. To find part numbers for historical BOB-CAT mowers.

The Bobcat Feller Buncher product line was discontinued in 1987 and the assets sold to Barko Hydraulics in Superior, Wisconsin. It is no longer in production, but please contact Barko for information.

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The company sold the Melroe Spra-Coupe product assets to AGCO Corporation in 1992, and the product was discontinued in 2013. Contact AGCO for parts and service information.

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Bobcat acquired the loader backhoe product line from EarthForce in 2001 and discontinued the line in 2006. Please contact our team.

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