How to Choose the Right Compact Excavator Size

Finding the right compact excavator for your needs is crucial, especially when buying a new machine.

With their growing popularity across various construction verticals, it is now more important than ever to consider all potential current and future uses when choosing the ideal machine for your company.

Compact Excavators
When you need big-time power in a small package.

  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Industry-leading attachment versatility
  • Improved comfort and precise performance
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Compact excavators, otherwise known as mini excavators, are on jobsites everywhere, from landscaping to demolition to excavation projects. Bobcat has answered the call.

Meet the solution to your biggest challenges. With a range of compact (mini) excavators and large excavator sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find an excavator that meets the demands of your jobsite.

Proven performance, added comfort options and enhanced design to maximize uptime make Bobcat® excavators a must-have. Review the range of sizes, tail swing types and capabilities available in our lineup and choose the excavator that’s best suited to tackle your job.  

With models ranging from 1-2 ton to 16-18 ton size classes, there’s a machine to match every working condition, jobsite requirement and project task. Whether you call it a trackhoe, digger or a digging machine, Bobcat excavators help you get more done.

With all the different sizes, options and configurations, how do you find the machine that’s right for you? Consider these factors to get started.

The Basics:

  • Consider your needs and tasks when choosing a compact excavator. Assess rental usage and subcontractor tasks to anticipate machine requirements. Explore attachments to unlock new business opportunities.

Size, Weight Class and Tail Swing:

  • Consider size, weight class, and tail swing when comparing compact excavator models. For confined areas, every inch counts. Choose zero or minimal tail swing for unrestricted rotation near structures [while the conventional tail swing is better for narrow property lines]. Select a model with a retractable undercarriage for tight entryways without sacrificing lift capacity. Assess machine weight for transportation compatibility.

Arm Configurations:

  • Standard arms offer maximum breakout force and lifting ability, while long-arm options provide greater reach and dig depth for increased productivity. Long-arm models come with an additional counterweight for enhanced lifting capabilities.

    Consider a clamp-ready extendable arm option for even more reach, combining power and lifting performance with extended dig depth and reach when necessary.

Power and Performance:

  • Determine the types of jobs you plan to use your machine to accomplish and talk them over with your salesperson to choose the right compact excavator for your need.

    Smaller models like E10 and E20 excel in confined areas but have lower digging force and lift capacity. Larger models like E60 Long Arm  deliver powerful hydraulics and fast cycle times for demanding tasks. Consider specifications such as horsepower, rated lift capacity, digging force, and dig depth.

Demo-ing the Machine:

We invite you to come visit us at the dealership location closest to you and take a Bobcat Excavator out for a demo. We get it written specifications only go so far.

Getting in the operator’s seat will help give you a better understanding of the machine’s capability.

Run through a few everyday applications like loading trucks or trenching to the unit’s feel and performance. A hands-on approach will help you confidently select the perfect machine for your needs.

Contact our sales team today and set up a time to come and see the mini-excavators that make the Bobcat lineup so special.