Mini Excavator Sales & Rentals New York City & Long Island

At Bobcat of New York and Long Island, we sell and rent Bobcat’s full lineup of mini excavator machines and believe they are one of Bobcat’s greatest additions to the earth-moving industry. Mini Excavators made their way to North America in the mid-’80s, and since then, these compact excavators have made a big impact in a wider range of construction industries.

Bobcat mini-excavators are renowned for their smaller size and remarkable versatility. Join us as we dive into the operational details of this popular piece of equipment in this comprehensive mini excavator breakdown.


Mini excavators, also known as compact excavators, are especially popular here in Manhattan and Long Island, where their smaller size makes them the right fit for construction jobs in tighter spaces. Though they are small, they are mighty, and these mini excavators are not short on power; they offer operators impressive capabilities due to their advanced hydraulic systems.

Our Bobcat Mini excavators will often outperform larger tractor-loader backhoes while providing greater flexibility in the performance of tasks, including digging near objects, loading trucks, or placing soil.

Mini excavators are fast and efficient when it comes to the basics like trenching and excavating, and it’s not at all uncommon to see them used alongside skid-steer loaders or compact track loaders.

“Bobcat Mini-Excavators are perfect for a wide range of tasks; we have customers that use them when digging pools out here on Long Island and other clients in Manhattan who buy them for heavy construction or in digging and building tunnels underground. ” With their increased efficiency and faster travel around job sites, “they do what other larger machines do can’t.”

Rob Sonnick of Bobcat of Long Island shared.

Mini Excavator Main Components
  1. House – Attached to the undercarriage via a swing bearing, the house contains the mini excavators’ operator’s cab, engine, hydraulic pump, and distribution componentsHere’s the game-changer: the house and workgroup seamlessly rotate 360 degrees, granting exceptional agility in confined areas where larger machines struggle.
  1. Undercarriage – The machine’s undercarriage is a powerhouse of performance and features standard rubber excavator tracks, drive sprockets, rollers, and idlers that propel the machine with precision.For smaller mini excavators, the retractable undercarriage takes the spotlight. Its H-shaped design allows for temporary width reduction, making it ideal for maneuvering through the tightest of openings making work possible even in tight spaces; before work resumes, you simply re-expand the undercarriage for added muscle and stability. In contrast, the fixed excavator undercarriage offers a reliable and sturdy foundation. Choose the undercarriage that suits your needs, and with both machines’ experience, unparalleled power, flexibility, and adaptability at your worksite.
  1. Workgroup – The workgroup of our machine encompasses the boom, arm, and any added attachments. Setting our compact and mini excavators apart is their unique workgroup design. Connected to the front of the house with a hydraulic pivot known as the “swing frame,” it offers unparalleled flexibility. This feature allows for offset digging parallel to the excavator tracks, enabling precise maneuvers in the tightest spaces.Imagine the possibilities, effortlessly navigate obstacles and reach challenging areas with ease.
  1. Backfill blade – he hydraulically activated backfill blade, controlled from within the excavator cab, is an invaluable tool. Connected to the undercarriage, it excels in grading, leveling, backfilling, and dozing. Depending on its position, it can also stabilize the machine. Opt for the angle blade option for speedy backfilling and grading.Highlight: This feature enables you to angle the backfill blade 25 degrees left or right, effortlessly directing soil from one side to the other. With the backfill blade, versatility is at your command.

Versatility Features

Mini excavators are purpose-built for trenching and excavating in spaces where larger equipment cannot operate. With auxiliary hydraulic lines integrated into the boom and arm, you have the power to utilize a range of excavator attachments. Their compact size and low weight enable seamless navigation through congested job sites that are otherwise inaccessible.

Transporting mini excavators is a breeze, saving both time and fuel costs. Simply load the excavator onto a trailer, secure it properly, and you’re ready to go.

Excavator track flotation is another standout feature, ensuring productivity in muddy, wet, or sandy ground conditions. Mini excavator tracks effortlessly cross narrow trenches while providing excellent traction.

Moreover, the tracks exert minimal ground pressure, preventing damage to lawns and established surfaces.

Unlock the potential of mini excavators and experience unmatched productivity in restricted spaces. With their versatility, transportability, and superior track flotation, mini excavators elevate your efficiency and preserve the integrity of your worksite.

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“Our customers enjoy Bobcat’s Mini excavator design; having the operator sit “offset” to the boom provides a clear line of sight and better visibility to the trench than other machines provide. With the independent boom swing, the operator can dig alongside obstacles with fewer restrictions and greater visibility. Here in the city, this makes a world of difference for real-world urban applications.”

Mini Excavator Boom Configuration Options
Mini-Excavator ny
The boom, a vital workgroup component attached to the house, is crucial in supporting the arm and attachment. Let’s explore the three primary boom configurations and their unique capabilities:
  • Swing Boom: Most mini excavators feature a swing boom connected to a swing frame linked to the machine frame with a horizontal pin. This configuration allows the swing boom to move vertically and pivot hydraulically left or right independently of the house. “One of the factors that make the Bobcat mini-excavators so versatile is their precision, and a lot of that is won through this dynamic boom option.”
  • Knuckle Boom (or Articulating Boom): Mounted directly to the frame, the knuckle boom is a variation of the fixed boom. It operates in a vertical motion only, while the outer section swings hydraulically left or right. The arm remains parallel to the machine, providing exceptional reach and flexibility.
  • Fixed Boom: Commonly found on full-size excavators, the fixed boom is mounted directly to the frame. It doesn’t move horizontally, limiting digging to the front of the excavator. Despite its restricted range, the fixed boom configuration offers stability and is a standard choice for larger excavators.

By understanding the advantages of each boom configuration, you can select the option that best suits your project requirements.

Working with one of our Bobcat experts, we can walk you through all the factors to consider when selecting the right Bobcat machine configurations for your needs factors such as worksite conditions, required reach, and maneuverability should all be weighed to make an informed decision. When you buy or rent a Bobcat mini excavator, you want to be sure to choose the boom configuration that will help you and your team maximize productivity and ease of use.

Arm Configuration Options
Let’s talk mini-excavator Arm Configurations with Bobcat of New York, mini excavator expert; you have to choose the configurations that fit your needs when buying any type of Bobcat machinery. When it comes to arm configurations for mini excavators, you have three options to consider:
  • Standard Arm: If digging performance is your top priority, the standard arm is the way to go. It offers maximum breakout force, allowing you to tackle demanding excavation tasks easily.
  • Long Arm: Opting for the long arm provides extended reach and increased dump height. This configuration reduces the need for repositioning, resulting in enhanced productivity. It excels in footing work, utility excavation, and ditch cleaning.
  • Extendable Arm: The extendable arm offers flexibility in power and reach. When retracted, it provides more power for tasks requiring additional force. When extended, it delivers increased dig depth and reaches, expanding your capabilities. For select models, the extendable-arm option is compatible with Bobcat clamps, further increasing its versatility.We show each of the three arm types here on our website.
Tail Swing Configuration Options

Tail swing refers to the rear overhang of the house as it rotates on the undercarriage.

Let’s explore the three main categories of tail swing configurations:

  • Tail Swing: Conventional This is the most common configuration in North America and is most commonly sold here in New York and Long Island. The cab’s rear typically extends 10 to 24 inches beyond the width of the mini excavator tracks.
  • Pros and cons: While the conventional tail swing setup provides additional lift capacity, it can limit maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Minimal Tail Swing: With a minimal tail swing configuration, the rear of the house slightly protrudes (up to six inches) over the tracks.Pros and cons: This design makes it easier to work in confined workspaces, offering improved maneuverability.
  • Pros and cons: This design makes it easier to work in confined workspaces, offering improved maneuverability.
  • Zero Tail Swing (ZTS): In a zero tail swing configuration, the rear of the house does not project beyond the tracks.
  • Pros and cons: This allows the operator greater flexibility to rotate and deposit spoil without the risk of contact with surrounding objects. It provides optimal maneuverability in tight spaces.

Remember that zero tail swing excavators are typically slightly wider than conventional tail swing excavators. If your main concern is accessing narrow paths, gates or maneuvering in crowded worksites, a conventional tail swing compact excavator may be the ideal choice.

There’s no better way to understand the many advantages of a Bobcat mini excavator than experiencing it in action.

Contact our team, speak with our experts, and come into the dealership for a demo; there is no better way to understand the many benefits of the Bobcat mini-excavator than by taking one out; schedule a demo or mini excavator rental today.