Bobcat Paint

Look sharp with well maintained equipment — your customers will notice! Our paint formulation provides excellent exterior durability, fast dry times, and great adhesion to difficult surfaces such as powder coatings.

Aerosol Enamel Spray Paint

It’s important to color match your paint for a well-maintained looking machine. So only use Bobcat Paint from your local Bobcat dealer to ensure the correct colors. Bobcat paint quarts are spray ready; additional thinning is usually not necessary. Aerosol cans feature a unique fan spray tip that delivers an oval shaped spray pattern. The fan spray gives better coverage and delivers a more uniform spray that allows the can to be held closer to the work surface for better control and overall spray reduction. Bobcat enamel paint coatings will dry dust free in 10-15 minutes, dry to handle in 30-45 minutes, and dry complete in about 24 hours. For more detailed information, see the direction panel on each container.

Spray Paint

Aerosols should be stored in a cool dry place. When ready to apply, allow paint to warm to room temperature (70-75° F is an ideal application temperature). Parts to be painted should also be at a similar temperature for optimum performance.

Application at higher temperatures may result in “orange peel” due to rapid solvent evaporation. Spraying with a cool can and/or applying to a cool part could result in running and sagging due to slow evaporation of solvents from the paint film.

For best results apply 2 to 3 light passes of spray mist to the surface and allow approximately 30 seconds for some of the solvents to leave the film. This will allow you to apply a heavier finished coat that should resist runs and sags.

Additional coats should be applied only if needed and while the film is still tacky, but not wet. Again, this method will help to avoid runs and sags.

It is always advisable to develop your own spray technique on a scrap part first.

If recoating is required after the film has dried it is important to wait at least 72 hours with acrylic enamels. Lacquers can be recoated at any time.


Part Number

Spray Part Number

Kubota Engine Blue6650083

Touch Up Paint

Many times you simply need a little dab of paint to care for scratches on Bobcat equipment. So instead of opening a new can of spray paint for a small job, turn to your local Bobcat Parts department for touch up paint. Each brush-in-lid bottle contains 1/2 fl oz of high performance paint. This paint is available in red, charcoal, white and orange. It is the same paint that’s offered in quarts and spray cans through your Bobcat Parts department.

  • Bobcat Red – 6736645
  • Bobcat Charcoal – 6736641
  • Bobcat White – 6736642
  • Bobcat Orange – 6736644

Touch Up Paint