Bobcat REMAN

Remanufactured, not Used or Rebuilt

A remanufactured part is much different than a used part or a rebuilt part.

Used parts are pulled right out of a machine – no cleaning, no inspection, no warranty. Rebuilt parts are cleaned, severely worn parts are replaced, and they have a limited warranty. Remanufactured parts are made as close to new as possible. Most wearable parts are automatically replaced. Parts are thoroughly inspected and tested to meet manufacturer specifications.

Reman parts have the same warranty as new parts.

Bobcat Remanufactured Parts are specifically engineered and remanufactured to original manufacturer specifications using state of the art technology. All Bobcat parts must meet our rigorous quality standards, and are tested to deliver the same or better functionality and power as new.

Bobcat REMAN Engines

Long lasting performance is essential. Our experts remanufacture Bobcat engines using the latest manufacturing processes and technologies. Our commitment to detail ensures Bobcat REMAN Engines will provide reliable performance that is as close to new as you will find.

REMAN Engine

  • All cores undergo a thorough inspection before being selected for remanufacturing
  • Engines are completely disassembled
  • Computer controlled equipment ensures precise cylinder block boring and honing, cylinder head machining, crank shaft micro polishing and balancing
  • All worn engine components are either brought back to new specifications, or replaced with new for the most comprehensive quality possible
  • Fuel system components are calibrated on computer controlled test benches
  • Final engines are 100% dyno tested to ensure power delivery is on target

Bobcat REMAN Starters

REMAN Starters

  • Solenoids are given rewound coils, new contacts and new welds
  • Bushings and bearing are replaced with new
  • Field coils, armatures and commutators are restored or replaced with new to provide original performance
  • All starter drives are replaced
  • Brushes and holders are replaced

Bobcat REMAN Turbochargers

  • Balanced to perfection at engine operating speeds to ensure long-lasting, optimum performance
  • 12-month unlimited hour warranty
  • Bobcat REMAN Hydrostatic Transmissions and Hydraulic Motors

REMAN Turbochargers

  • Cores are stripped of grime, dirt, and paint through environmentally friendly baking soda blast process
  • Cores are disassembled and thoroughly inspected, using computerized laser profiling technology, complex air gauges and mics
  • All worn components are brought back to new specifications or replaced with new
  • Tested against the same parameters of a new product
  • 12-month warranty

REMAN Turbochargers

REMAN Turbochargers

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