Utility Vehicles Rentals New York City & Long Island

The Toolcat™ utility work machine is several machines combined into one.

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Lift impressive loads, get more payload than a half-ton pickup truck, tow with added maneuverability, and operate front-mounted attachments.

Perform a range of chores and tasks that any other compact equipment can’t match.

Toolcat 5600 - 1300lbs

The 5600 Toolcat™ utility work machine does many of the jobs you’d do with a pickup truck, compact tractor, utility vehicle or an attachment carrier, plus a whole lot more.

Operational Load Capacity: 4,200 lbs.

Cargo Box Capacity: 2,000 lbs.

Utility Vehicles - 3400-3650

Tackle Tough Jobs In The Most Challenging Conditions With A Bobcat® Utility Vehicle.

Travel Speed – Max 30 MPH

Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity – 1,250 lbs.

Total Vehicle Rated Capacity – 1,900 lbs.